A Foundation for Biblical Hebrew

Communicative Biblical Hebrew can be included in any elementary Biblical Hebrew curriculum. In this approach, students respond directly to Biblical Hebrew, and accomplish communication goals through extemporaneous interaction in Biblical Hebrew.

Ideally, this is accomplished in a "flipped classroom" model: learners absorb the material at home through video lectures, audio recordings, books, slide shows, etc., then create meaningful connections by means of classroom activities (songs, impromptu dialogues, responding to cues, questions and answers).

"A Foundation for Biblical Hebrew" provides you the tools to add an element of Communicative Biblical Hebrew to your course design, no matter what your existing practices.


All of the video sets described below are available as Playlists on my YouTube channel.


The Aleph-Bet series includes seven videos. Students learn all of the consonants and vowels, not by learning their ordering and names, but by using them to read and speak. All of the vowels are included in the first video:


Here is an example of a Songs video from the Songs playlist. Learned songs can reinforce vocabulary and provide illustrations, to be drawn on later, for elements of grammar and syntax

Vocabulary for Life:

Find this video set too as a Playlist at my YouTube channel. This set teaches vocubulary for particular settings in life. For example, the following video teaches "greetings and pleasantries." This vocabulary reinforces that learned through classroom dialogues and activities.

Photo Sets:

Go to the list of Sets on my Flickr page, then choose from Sets like "Adjectives," "Colors," "Numerals," and so on. Here is a sample slide show (move cursor off the frame after beginning play; if in full screen mode, keep cursor still after beginning play):