Blasphemy Day (One Day Late Edition)

Posted on by Brooke

I missed Blasphemy Day yesterday. Again. I’ll have to send Blasphemy one of those embarrassing “sorry I missed your special day” cards. But looking back on the day, a couple of things come to mind:

I did get to teach on polytheism and henotheism in select texts of the Hebrew Bible, so there was that. Nothing like a little biblical polytheism to wake up the back row.

I enjoyed a nice conversation with some other teachers on the peculiar pastoral aspect of theological education, whereby we seek to persuade students to find the courage to give up the God/Jesus/Moses/faith that they walk in with, in order that they can find her/him/it through our shared learning endeavors.

{fainting couch}Polytheistic Bibles! Taking God out of the schools!{/fainting couch}

So I guess it turned out to be a happy Blasphemy Day after all. Another Blasphemy Day miracle!