Student Bible Blogging

Posted on by Brooke

My students have been blogging for a few weeks now. Feel free to pay them a collegial visit and see what they’re doing. One of my classes can be found here, in the boxes called “Blogging A,”, “Blogging B,” and so on through D. Another of my classes can be found here, in the box called “Course Blogging.” Each student has her own blog, but posts tagged with our course numbers are collected via RSS feed to our shared NetVibes page.

Their assignment is to engage the materials and methods of the course, which is pretty standard “Intro to Hebrew Bible” stuff except that we did the Writings first, and are now on Latter Prophets. Coming up yet are Former Prophets and only then the Torah.

Just managing to start a blog and get posting was a new challenge for most of my students of all ages. They are all to be congratulated for stepping up and experimenting with public writing. Enjoy visiting them, be respectful and supportive, and have fun.