RBoC: "Endless October" Edition

Posted on by Brooke

The calendar has turned, and the weather gone from  “all rain all the time” to “all chilly rain all the time,” but plus ça change, plus c'est toujours l'October.

On my plate:

  • apply for work (’tis the season)

  • prepare SBL presentation

  • write overdue report for distance-learning committee

  • hey, I preach next week

  • grade midterms for Intro to OT

  • grade midterms for Hebrew

  • write midterm feedback for Intro to OT blogging

  • get caught up podcasting lectures for Intro to OT

  • oversee peer review of midterm papers in Intro to OT

Plus the usual stuff in the personal sphere, including but not limited to:

  • keep the Boy involved in Cub Scout achievements

  • help the Boy prepare for his next Taekwon-do promotion test

The next time I look up, I’ll be on a plane for New Orleans. Then I’ll blink, and be grading final exams. Should I just start humming Advent tunes now?