SBLogging: Sunday Morning RBoC

Posted on by Brooke

  • At some point, I am going to have to eat a dinner that I can afford. Not here in NOLA, of course, but at some point.

  • Had the great pleasure of meeting Julia O’Brian yesterday.

  • The sessions “Warfare in Ancient Israel” and “Disability Studies and Healthcare in the Bible and Near East” sections held a joint session yesterday: very cool. Nice paper by Bryan Bibb about (in part) how, just as prophetic texts will seek to demean their male audience by casting them as women, they will demean their able-bodied audience by casting them as disabled (sometimes by describing their enemies as preternaturally able-bodied).

  • Giving my own paper today, in the Distance Learning session.

  • Finding great value in the Twittering on SBL: keep it up, everyone.