Only Two Days to Catch Up on NBC’s “Kings”

Posted on by Brooke

I had posted before about the NBC show, “Kings.” (It is a television series based on the rise of David in Saul’s court, set in a world culturally and technologically similar to our present day.) That first link shows my previous post on the show, and the second links to its Hulu page.

The show was suspended mid-season, and has definitely been cancelled. However, the remaining episodes are to be available on Hulu beginning June 14.

An important point: Hulu only keeps a handful of episodes available at a time: it will drop the pilot episode when it posts Episode 6. So, you have only a couple of days to watch the two-hour premiere if you haven’t already (“Goliath,” parts one and two).

[Later: Robin Abrahams makes me aware that you can also catch full episodes on NBC’s site until September 20. Thanks, Robin!]

If you love biblical studies, especially Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, you owe it to yourself to give the show a look. If you complain (and who does not?) about the lack of thoughtful Bible stuff on the teevee, then it is actually mandatory that you take a look. Whether you end up liking it or not, I can guarantee that the show is not simplistic in its reading or interpretation of the story of David or in its theology.

Have any of you already seen the available five episodes? What are your reactions?