Follow-up: Milestone Women in Biblical Studies

Posted on by Brooke

A short while back, I asked who you would include in a list of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament scholars who are women. In most cases, readers’ comments concerned the scholar’s landmark contributions to the field. In some cases, a choice was rooted more in the personal experience that a reader has had of a colleague, mentor, or teacher.

I began to annotate the list, but that not only got out of hand (=showed my ignorance), it also became all too controlling and editorial. So instead, I offer one link per figure: a faculty page or Wikipedia where possible, an Amazon or similar page where necessary: whatever is ready to hand that offers some starting information.

(Why do schools’ web sites hide their faculty pages so cleverly? Why do so many faculty lack a web page altogether, being relegated instead to cluttered, pointless, hyperlink-less lists? Why do so many academic sites bubble with enthusiasm for events that are “coming up” in 2006?)

Anyway: If you are aware of a better link for any of these folks, speak up in a comment and I’ll make additions.

Thank you all for your input. Don’t be shy about adding others in the comments, and let me know if I can improve the list with better links.