Word Cloud: “Daniel Evokes Isaiah”

Posted on by Brooke

It’s over a year and a half since I defended my dissertation. Is it weird, then, that it was still the first thing that popped into my head when I learned about

(A heads-up on I find its implementation of Java to be tediously picky: some browsers work, some do not; I used to be able to print from the Applet, not I cannot; bah.)

[Later: also, I am not crazy about their copyright policy: if you upload a cloud to their gallery, then 1) the image belongs to them, not you; 2) you cannot remove it, since they do not verify accounts; 3) they and anyone else are free to use the cloud image, including commercial use. So, you may prefer to print your image to PDF and save it to your own computer instead of saving it to their gallery.]

The dissertation was titled, “Daniel Evokes Isaiah: The Rule of the Nations in Apocalyptic Allusion-Narrative.” My thesis was that allusions to Isaiah in Daniel contribute decisively and uniquely to the latter’s narrative depiction of the rule of the foreign nations over the people Israel. So, without further ado:


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