Bloggers at SBL, and Tweetup Tweeting

Posted on by Brooke

Daniel and Tonya had the terrific idea of compiling a list of bloggers presenting at the annual meeting of the SBL (Society of Biblical Literature). The meeting is always the weekend before Thanksgiving (U.S.), and takes place this year in New Orleans. Thanks for this resource!

Speaking of SBL, there have been occasional rumblings of an SBL Tweet-up for Tweeple who, well, go to SBL. To my knowledge, it is still at the “let’s keep in touch on this” stage. I recently revived the hashtag #SBLTweetup, so keep an eye on that tag and we’ll see what develops. Me, I think the most logical venue is Jim West’s hotel room. :^) (Jim, I’m probably with you on Twitter in the pews, if only because thumb-typing while crossing yourself sounds ludicrous and even dangerous.)

[Later: I should add that, confusingly, the initialism “SBL” is already used on Twitter for “Spam Block List” and some other things that I don’t know what they are.]

It’s never too soon to get amped about a long weekend of…well, why reveal our society’s hidden mysteries? Come to New Orleans and see what there is to get amped about.