Blogroll Amnesty and the Next Biblical Studies Carnival

Posted on by Brooke

It must be kismet. Today is Blogroll Amnesty Day, and what is more, I find that Duane informs me that I am hosting next month’s Biblical Studies Carnival: in other words, this be the month in which I collect nominations for said Carnival.

So, in the spirit of Blogroll Amnesty Day, in which Wee Little Blogs get the attention they deserve—and, might as well face it, all biblical studies blogs are Wee Little Blogs scurrying ant-like on the smooth, concave, mobian surface of teh intertubes—I will reward nominators throughout the month of February by providing links to their own content.

That’s right: send me a nomination for the upcoming Carnival, and I will go to your site, find something link-worthy, and link to it in a post here. Literally scores of eyeballs will be drawn to your site (or, as you like to think of it, The Hardest Working Site in Blog Business).

Bonus offer: for those who nominate posts more than once during the month, I will do my best to find legitimate cause to festoon my link with high-value search term context words like “Tea Party,” “Lady Gaga,” “iPad,” and “DADT.”

Run and see the current Carnival at Duane’s, and also go see the instructions for nominating posts.

Blogroll Amnesty means linking to the smaller blogs. Send me anything at all you find Carnival-worthy, but let’s keep a special eye on the little folk. Have fun, and keep ’em coming.

[Addendum: you big ol’ biblioblogs can support Blogroll Amnesty Day and the Biblical Studies Carnival even further simply by linking to this post: Thanks!]