RBoC: Not-Yet-End-of-Term Edition

Posted on by Brooke

End of term? Not even Spring Break yet! (Next week, insh'allah and the creek don't rise).

I have in mind some writing on pseudonymity and nymity in blogging, on a recent Chronicle op piece about keeping quiet in faculty meetings, on ancient language “reading examinations,” and on “feeling like a writer.” This is what I’m doing instead:

  • Facilitating faculty training on our new Moodle learning management system (so long, Blackboard);

  • Arranging to offer similar training to our platoon of TAs;

  • Preparing biblical Greek reading exams for 2nd-year Greek students and Ph.D. candidates;

  • Catching up on a self-paced UWM online certification program in online teaching and learning;

  • Working up a couple of videos for our seminary admissions page;

  • Keeping up on quizzes, exams, and papers for Elementary Hebrew, Elementary Greek, and Intro to OT;

  • Experimenting with a couple of new productivity helps to organize the above and more;

  • Eat, sleep, you know. Maybe try for a haircut.

What do you find this week  among your RBoC?

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