The Real First Day, RBoC

Posted on by Brooke

Classes start a week from tomorrow. But as of today, summer is officially over.

Today begins our 2-day faculty retreat. Then, the rest of the week is new-student orientation. Then, a relatively joyless Labor Day weekend filled with the last-minute labors of course preparation. Then finally, "Good morning, eager young minds."

Here are my start-of-term Random Bullets of Crap:

  • Try to chill out and enjoy faculty retreat for two days;
  • Prepare for student orientation session on online coursework and our Bible Content course;
  • Get advisees safely settled into their sockets for the term;
  • Finish planning, syllabus, and LMS build for online course Intro to Old Testament;
  • Complete last set of Flickr slides for face-to-face course Elementary Biblical Hebrew;
  • Make progress in home stretch of online course in online pedagogy;
  • Make long-postponed repairs to my suits: buttons, hems;
  • Office housekeeping: get plant out of water pitcher into planter, and swap out cafeteria plastic tableware for a couple of sets of proper, if cheap, table settings.

Where are you in the start of the term? What are your own random bullets?

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