Shorter Colorado State University (CSU) Story

Posted on by Brooke

So, shorter CSU story: The Establishment went to Vegas with the economy, consumed the winnings whole, scorched the earth in their wake, and now their representatives in the academy (along with their relatively few multi-generational "made men") prepare to dispose of the casualties as Unpersons.

K tx. Please ignore my unsurprised, slacker, vacant stare.

Or did you think that this was just about PhDs "growing stale after three years", and that the permanent erasure of those sidelined by the crash of 2008-2010 was a coincidence here?

"They're gone, that's all. They're gone. And we couldn't do nuttin' about it."[1]

Lee Bessette asks, "Why do we fight?" It is a great question, though I've never thought of the post-boomer generations "fighting" against the self-serving wastefulness of the Baby-Boomer masters of the universe. It's more about being like water, fitting into the nooks and crevices, usually digital crevices (library science, online learning, "alt-ac"). If it's a "fight," then it's not "fighting the power," but rather, "a fight to survive."

(CSU has repented of having used its outside voice and has papered over the mistake. It will now return to speaking its name indoors.)

[Update: Harvard too. h/t @readywriting]

[1]: h/t Driftglass.

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