Aleph-Bet Learning Video 6: י, ל, נ, ר

Posted on by Brooke

The remaining letters of the Biblical Hebrew aleph-bet are covered in this sixth learning video. By this time, the learner is quite familiar with

  • vowels and consonants

  • composite shewa with gutturals

  • simple shewa, including “vocal shewa

  • final forms

  • “begadkepat” letters

The learner is also reading a great many Hebrew words with a considerable degree of fluency.

At this point—the moment the entire series means to prepare—the learner is ready to learn an “Aleph-Bet song” and actually understand what she is learning.

A seventh, final video will introduce the system of matres lectionis, and will also teach an Aleph-Bet song.

[Aleph-Bet Learning Video 6: י, ל, נ, ר was written by G. Brooke Lester for and was originally posted on 2011/02/01. Except as noted, it is © 2011 G. Brooke Lester and licensed for re-use only under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.]